Can you put a tent in a clothes washer?

Answer On One Hand: Tent Will Wear Out QuicklyYou should not machine wash your tent. REI explains that a top-loading washing machine is particularly bad because it can stretch the tent or even tear the te... Read More »

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Now that "Omar's Tent Factory" is going out of business, where am I supposed to buy my wife's clothes?

I hear that Peter's Parachute Extravaganza is picking up their business. Check there Nolte. Best of luck.

How do I shrink clothes in a washer?

Use Hot WaterPlace a small load of clothes you desire to shrink into the washer. Set the water temperature to the hottest setting. Set the load capacity to full, which helps distribute more hot wat... Read More »

How to Drain a Clothes Washer?

Clothes washers have been in use in American households for almost 100 years. These machines work by pulling in water from your home's water supply, mixing it with detergent and spinning your laund... Read More »

How do I balance a clothes washer?

Unplug the washing machine before you attempt to balance it. Get a level, a tool that has a bubble in liquid that can let you know when you have balanced the washing machine. There are small, adjus... Read More »