Can you put a houseplant in an aquarium?

Answer Most house plants are not aquatic, and would drown in an aquarium. If you would like to add live plants to your aquarium setup, search for "aquatic plants" on the internet. Some favorites include: ... Read More »

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How to Identify a Houseplant?

It’s important to correctly identify your houseplants so that you can look up the care requirements of the plant. Common names can be helpful but knowing the Latin or scientific name of your plan... Read More »

Can a croton be a houseplant?

Croton plants are colorful shrub plants that can be grown indoors. Place your potted croton near a window; crotons enjoy warmth, but avoid direct sunlight, according to the Green Zone Life website.... Read More »

How to Kill Houseplant Insects?

Even though houseplants are kept indoors, they can still become infested with insects. Common houseplant pests include ants, mealybugs, aphids, cyclamen mites and fungus gnats. If you spot any of t... Read More »

Houseplant Watering Devices?

A regular, dependable supply of water keeps your houseplants healthy and happy, but how you deliver that water depends on your needs and time constraints. When using your houseplant watering device... Read More »