Can you purchase the carrion flower cactus in Ontario?

Answer Answer 1 Possibly look online or in your phone book under nurseries in your area. Answer 2 You can check this site for information. Please see related link below.

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What makes the carrion flower smell bad?

i really dont know :) The smell is produces to attract the flies that pollinate it.

Is a cactus a flower?

Cacti (Cactaceae) refer to a family of plants, not flowers. However, cacti plants do contain flowers, which are defined as the reproductive organs of angiosperm plants. Approximately 2,000 species ... Read More »

Why cactus flower blooms only by midnight and get wittered in the morning?

Because that's when their pollinator is out and about. Many cacti are pollinated by bats or moths, which only come out at night. The heady scent helps to attract them also.

Cactus plants look perfect at flower shows why do mine always lean right over?

Are you talking about indoor cacti plants or outdoor?Indoors rotate the plant monthly so that they get light evenly.Outside, well that's mother nature & they do lean towards the sun. Also outside t... Read More »