Can you purchase just the pc with out monitor,keyboard, etc, and where?

Answer Depends on the Vendor but yes you may just be paying a bit more for it!

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If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance?

Answer If the car is in your name you are responsible not your ex wife. she would be liable if the car was in her name.

I want to purchase a camera but i am confused whether to purchase a digital or slr roll camera?

Digital camera's are becoming better all the time, however you will never beat the beautiful clarity of an slr. Try an Olympus, Canon or a Nikon, to get the best out of your photo's though find ou... Read More »

Can a car bought under a hire purchase agreement be insured by anyone other than the person who signed the hire purchase agreement?

Well this policy depends upon the company you choose for car hire. In most of the case you will not find this type of option. One more option is you can directly contact the desired company. You ca... Read More »

I'm about to purchase a TV..?

Well, it depends, if you want a better tv, go with the lcd. If you want big go with plasma.