Can you punch yourself hard enough to cause appendicitis?

Answer You're right, it's not possible. Appendicitis is caused by an infection not an injury by punching. It might cause other serious damage but not appendicitis.

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Can too much stress cause appendicitis?

Anxiety, stress, worry and depression can cause over 100 health problems as in… but I doubt very much that appendicitis is among them, if you check the lo... Read More »

Best place to punch some one to cause them the most pain?

If you are using this for any reason other than self defense, then you don't deserve an answer. If this is for self defense, I will give you an honest answer, if you can prove it is for such a pru... Read More »

Is six panadole's and three advils enough to put yourself in hospital?

Unless you have serious pre-existing liver or renal disease, generally no. If you have taken more than that, or have taken other things with similar effect or metabolism, it's a different story.If ... Read More »

If i hit my tv hard enough will i get hd?

Yes, be sure to use your head. You'll break your skull, and then you won't care about whether your TV is HD or not. Or you'll break the TV, in which case you can buy a new HDTV.