Can you prune adenium obesum plants?

Answer AnswerYes you can prune the plant. Pruning allows the branches to produce more blooms and also removes diseased branches so that the plant remains healthy. This Adenium obesum plant does not requir... Read More »

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How should you prune tomato plants?

A commonly used method is to pinch off (cut off) the laterals, which are the larger sideways growing shoots. This is not necessary if you have plenty of room around the plants, but may encourage la... Read More »

How do I prune viburnum plants?

PruningChoose one of five different types of pruning. Pinch off younggreen branches before they mature and become woody. Pinching may reduce the need for more pruning later. Cutting off a dead piec... Read More »

How do I prune jade plants?

When to PrunePrune only an older, overgrown jade plant. Pruning a younger plant can lead to bacterial damage. Pruning is not essential to the plant's health, it is only done for aesthetic purposes.... Read More »

How to Prune Trumpet Plants?

Trumpet plants are also called trumpet creepers, hummingbird vines and cross vines. These long vines grow throughout the United States, sprouting trumpet-shaped flowers that attract bees and hummin... Read More »