Can you produce breast milk for a husband without pregnancy?

Answer Yes. There are several benefits of doing so in fact, for both husband and wife. This is commonly referred to as an Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR). My wife and I practice this and are willing to t... Read More »

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Can I still produce breast milk ?

Absolutely! I had trouble breast feeding, and wanted to give my baby the best. I started pumping, i didn't get much at first, but I was persistent and it worked! As all the baby books will tell y... Read More »

Can you make yourself produce breast milk?

It happens automatically. All you need is a crying, hungry baby and a pair of breasts.In some parts of the world babies are routinely swapped between mums, aunts, grandmas and neighbours.Breastfeed... Read More »

Can a woman not pregnant or nursing produce breast milk?

Answer Yes. It is easier for a woman who has had a baby to produce milk later but it has been known for women who have never been pregnant to breastfeed an adopted baby.However if you are not try... Read More »

How soon in a dogs pregnancy do they produce milk?

dogs produce their milk from 2-3 weeks before they have their pups