Can you print stuff at walmart read onnn... pleasee help!?

Answer Yes, you should be able to do that just fine. That's what the machines are there for and are designed to do. Saving the pictures in a JPG format should be the most compatible. You can also upload t... Read More »

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Need help staying motivated with dieting(pleasee read)?

Diet, vegan raw foods, this diet is super healthy and will make you loose weight like crazy, its not really about calories, its about what you eat! For exercise anything you like. I recommend swimm... Read More »

How to Get Free Walmart Stuff?

Walmart, the omnipresent retail chain with the blue and yellow color scheme, sometimes works with its retail partners to promote specific products. When such deals are in place, visitor to the Wal... Read More »

At walmart, need good makeup, please read details! :)?

A good concealer is Glamoflauge by Hard Candy to help cover up the acne marks and any dark circles or whatever you need to cover. It's like $6…As for full... Read More »

Ipad 3 - is it possible to print stuff from it?

I would transmit your data to a desktop via Teamviewer… if you have this capability. If not you also have as an op... Read More »