Can you print from an ipod touch 4g?

Answer yes you can print wirelessly

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Can you print from a iPod touch 4g?

Your printer needs to be able to do AirPrint in order to print from an iPod touch.

Is their going to be an ipod touch 3g, if so what will make it different from the ipod touch 2g?

it will have a 1.5 --- 3 mega pixel camera with possible videobetter batteryfaster processor with larger ramit will not have a 8gb version instead a 16gb 32gb and maybe but i do doubt a 64gbpossibl... Read More »

Can you jailbreak ipod touch from ipod touch 10 points best answer :)?

You cannot jailbreak your iPod Touch directly from the device itself unless you are running a firmware that is supported by one of the three JailbreakMes, which you cannot since the last revision o... Read More »

How do I get my wireless printer to print off my iPod touch?

Check to see if your ipod can pick it up via bluetooth or wireless but I would check our printer manual, or the HP website, or call a 1-800 number and ask a representative... that usually the easie... Read More »