Can you pregnant your wive with kidney stone?

Answer Yes, but it takes a very special technique to impregnate your wife with Kidney Stones. You might want to start out with some light Yoga to help limber up as you can cause grave injuries if you do i... Read More »

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Kidney stone in left kidney can it make even your left leg hurt?

No, kidney stone in left kidney will not hurt your left leg.It has no concern with your leg.

Is recurrent formation of kidney stone is considered kidney disease or not?

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Kidney stone problem?

i fell so bad for u!! i have delt with kidney stones for 5 years now and i know how bad they hurt!! if the medicine ur dr gave u isnt working to make u pass it or help with the pain u need to go ba... Read More »

Kidney stone question!!?

Yes! It is bad to drink alcohol with a kidney stone because alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it makes you pee more, and therefore become dehydrated, which is the worst possible thing for your k... Read More »