Can you pop anything with your back out of alignment?

Answer If your back is out of alignment it's because you have tight back muscles pulling it out of place. Can it be popped when tight? Yes, but it's pretty painful and wouldn't be advised. Freeing up t... Read More »

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Does pain in the back have anything to do with pregnancy in the first 2 weeks?

Answer Usually not but it can do if the baby is laying close to the kidneys. This usually only happens during the third trimester though.

After 2.5 years of having no contact with your daughter your ex has just out of the blue decided that he wants to see her againmy daughter doesn't want anything to do with him and becomes hysterical i?

The father of a child, who is not barred from contact through convictions for child abuse, has every right to see his daughter, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is facilitated. I... Read More »

Can your parents do anything if you are 16 and want to have a baby with your 18-year-old boyfriend?

Answer If you are 16 and want to have a baby with your 18 year old boyfirend,it all depends, if your parents are understanding and if your boyfriend is willing to help you out, then your parents wo... Read More »

What can you do if you live with your uncle and want to move back in with your mom and she still has custody of you?

Answer The minor may leave the relative's home and return to the residence of the mother whenever she so chooses. This however would not apply if the uncle has temporary or permanent legal guardian... Read More »