Can you point me in the right direction of a nice SLR digital camera?

Answer Try these sites, they may help you decide on the right SLR for your needs.Good Luck

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What i sthe differnece between a point and shoot camera and digital camera, which is best for quality and?

Hello,There are acutually a few different types of cameras. A point and shoot is the easiest way to take pictures. It is a camera that literally does all the guess work for you. Most have differ... Read More »

How common for nice digital camera ?

It depends.If you treat your Li-ion battery correctly (not let is sitting depleted for long periods of time), they can last over 10 years. I have two that are that old and are still working just f... Read More »

Have a nice digital camera bought around December?

Please start by studying the manual.Everything you mentioned could very easily be caused by user error, and if you knew how to use it correctly it would work just fine.Start with the manual, then i... Read More »

Where can i buy a digital camera which is cheap but still nice?

Stolen. It's always cheaper and better. Find a crack whore and ask her to get it for you.