Can you plz give me a good recipe for a cheese cake that u have already tried?

Answer Here's how I make cheesecake. I go to the store and buy a pie crust (vanilla wafer, graham cracker or chocolate cookie), and a container of Philly cream cheesecake mix, and a can of pie filling (I... Read More »

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Anyone have a good cheese cake recipe?

I've had good luck with Emeril Lagasse's Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis. You can google for the recipe.I've also tried Alton Brown's cheesecake and it was a total failure.

Anyone have a good vegan yellow squash or zucchini recipe (preferably one you have tried and enjoyed)?

I love the way my mom prepares yellow squash. Slice the squash and saute it with onions and vegan margarine or olive oil and salt and pepper. I know that maybe it sounds too simple, but it's good!

What's a good crackers and cheese recipe that can be prepared in less than an hour?

Sure, I could give you cheap and easy recipes, which would involve using crackers and cheese purchased ready-made, but you asked for a good one, which simply isn't possible. After all, if you facto... Read More »

Does anyone have a good tunnel of fudge cake recipe?

***CAKE:***1 3/4 cup sugar1 3/4 cup butter, softened6 eggs2 cups powdered sugar2 1/4 cups flour3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa2 cups chopped walnuts (nuts are essential for the success of this recipe)***... Read More »