Can you plug in an iPod touch wall charger to an extension cord?

Answer Yes, you can put the iPod Touch wall charger into an extension cord. That extension cord has to be plugged into a wall to be able to charge the iPod, though.

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Don't you find it frustrating that the ipod touch 4g doesn't come with a wall charger?

HelloThis might not answer your question but if anyone in the family got an iPad the charger is ok for iPod too, or how about buying a docking station they really sound good for not too much money ... Read More »

Can you make a car charger into a wall charger like i want to have my car have wall plug in's for a trip send me somewhere i can buy it plz?

Go to any electronic store like best buy. It should have a outlet converter

Can you use an extension cord to convert an oven socket outlet to a dryer outlet by using an extension cord with a 50A male plug and a 30A female socket?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. If you're wanting to power a 30 amp dryer with a 50 amp circuit, that's possible. (If the dryer needs 50 and the circuit i... Read More »

If you connect your 30GB ipod video to your firewire adapter and wall charger 5DC volts 0.67A will it do nothing charge your iPod or ruin your ipod?

A firewire connection wil charge your video iPod perfectly.