Can you plug an IPod into a PS3?

Answer You can plug an iPod into a PlayStation 3 using the USB cable included with the iPod. The PlayStation 3 detects the iPod as an external hard drive, then searches it for media files. Many other type... Read More »

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Pillow with speakers and plug ipod or mp3 player to it it works but when you plug your android 1.5 phone into the speaker wont play How can you get it to play?

Your ipod wont let the right headphone work when you plug the headphones in all the way you have to leave them half unplugged What is worng with your ipod?

Just bought the alpine cda-105 CD receiver and kcu-440i usb iPod cable and when you plug your iPod in the head unit wont recognize it it doesn't do anything like display error messages it just doesn't?

if youre plugging right into the usb jack it wont work. the radio doesnt have the required software like a comp does to read and play things off of your ipod. you have to use your aux in. if you ge... Read More »

Where on the computer do you plug in your ipod?

Answer Usually the USB port - flat, rectangular port that is about 1/2 inch in length. Look at the size of you Ipod plug and that will indicate where to plug it in to your computer.