Can you plug an IPod into a PS3?

Answer You can plug an iPod into a PlayStation 3 using the USB cable included with the iPod. The PlayStation 3 detects the iPod as an external hard drive, then searches it for media files. Many other type... Read More »

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Pillow with speakers and plug ipod or mp3 player to it it works but when you plug your android 1.5 phone into the speaker wont play How can you get it to play?

Can you plug Dr Dre headphones into an ipod?

Grado headphones are considered the best headphones on the market. Prices range from just under $100 USD to over $500.

Can I plug my iPod into other computers?

Yes, an iPod can be plugged into other computers with a compatible USB cord. Sometimes iTunes is set to synchcronize automatically; check the options menu to disable it or it could erase everything... Read More »

Can a 6.3mm stereo jack plug into an apple Ipod?

No. You can only use 3.5mm plugs on an iPod. There are adapters however, that change your plug from 6.4mm to 3.5mm.