Can you plug a 220V lamp into a 110V outlet?

Answer A higher voltage incandescent (not transformer powered) lamp will work on a lower voltage system but, as has been mentioned in the answer below, it won't be as bright. Often 130 Volt lamps are use... Read More »

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220V outlet to 110V in the Philippines?

This is a lousy an adapter for 110 volt..they are not expensive. A copper rod is going to cost more than an adapter, and you are gauging your ideas on American use of power, not Philipp... Read More »

Does a dishwasher have a 110v plug or 220v plug?

In 110v countries, it's got a 110v plug--the motor and heater in a dishwasher aren't very large, and the unit runs fine on 110v. In 220v countries, naturally the appliance runs on 220v.

Can you plug a 110V appliance into a 115V outlet?

You should have no problem as long as the pug fits into the outlet. Common house hold voltages range up to 120V.

What would happen if I plug a rechargeable 110 volt emergency light to a 220V outlet?

That depends upon the circuitry of the recharger. If it's a multi-voltage model with auto-selection (very common these days) then no problem. If not, then putting twice the rated voltage through th... Read More »