Can you pleqse look at my youtube page?

Answer Hi. I checked it out for u. Pretty cool website huh? you need help making videos? please check out this cool video i made.FRINGE (Who's Crying Now)

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How to Auto Share YouTube Videos on a Facebook Fan Page with the Cueler YouTube App?

YouTube allows its users to auto-share their posts both on Twitter as well as on a Facebook profile. But not on a Facebook page (otherwise called fan-page). There is an app now on Facebook called "... Read More »

Can you please look at my youtube page?

Your link is incorrect, its supposed to be "http"

Is my youtube page good or not?

Hi, Its ok ! .you only need more time on youtube to get more views,I would like to recommend you :1.-Promote and connect your channel with a twitter , facebook or goggle + account around the world2... Read More »

Can you reach this YouTube page?

Yes i can, i have the same thing with bebo sometimes, every other website wroks just not bebo. Try closing down all your internet browsers and turning your modem off and on again. thats how i fix m... Read More »