Can you please tell me why are aluminium foils used for wrapping food?

Answer Aluminum foil is used because it's cheap, flexible, and heat tolerant. It also serves as a reflector in some cooking applications, reflecting radiant heat either onto or away from the food.You can'... Read More »

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Please tell me zinc rich food?

Hair foils used in place of alumin foil to smoke weed?

There is no difference in the foils use for hair coloring and regular aluminum foil.

How much wrapping paper is used at Christmas?

According to the UK newspaper The Guardian, approximately 8,000 tons of wrapping paper is used each year at Christmas. This translates into approximately 50,000 trees. Increasingly, eco-conscious i... Read More »

What kind of paper is used for wrapping paintings?

Packing paper or blank newsprint is used for wrapping paintings. Both types of paper can be purchased in large rolls from office supply or shipping stores, or from the United States Postal Service.... Read More »