Can you please give me at least 10 ideas that human generated to eat cupcakes .?

Answer 1. creativity2. taste3. smell4. sweetness5. colour6. texture7. effort put into such a small dessert 8. decorations9. edible decorations10. mini cake

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What was the name of the 90s-00s computer generated show that focused on a male soldier who was in the midst of at least one interplanetary war?

Perhaps the writers for the show had different ideas and did not realize they conflicted with eachother.

Will somebody please give me at least 20 awards for preschoolers- ex.most inquisitive....?

I agree with fluflu66. Every child should get an award. Theory is great, but practical application is harder. Here is a link to make your own preschool awards, which you can customize:http://www... Read More »

Give me at least five that do not bear flowers?

you don't want to put it in there but i don't think it's harmful.

How much power is generated by the human brain?

The human brain generates only about 20 to 25 watts of power to function. This is barely enough to run a dim light bulb. Computers, robots and various electronic gadgets require hundreds or even hu... Read More »