Can you please congratulate our veggie staff?

Answer Congrats!! Good job all of you. I think it's such a great idea you have, and by getting four stars, you must be doing it very well. I remember you posting a question about vegetarian's sex drive... Read More »

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What kind of liability insurance is needed for a business that provides staff to sell tickets at outdoor festivals; the staff would all be subcontractors?

Contact a good agent in your area, they will be able to help you with this.

Childcare staff numbers - how many children per staff member?

Since these are not day care centers or schools they are usually pretty unregulated, although the corporate offices may have rules. I'd check with your local Dept. of Health to make sure.

How to Congratulate Someone?

Most people feel awkward, or confused when it comes to congratulating someone. This is a short page on how to congratulate someone appropriately.

How to Congratulate Someone You Don't Like Very Much?

We do not need to like someone to join him/her on the joy of their achievements. All it takes is accepting looking at the very essence of each other knowing none of you can affect others experience.