Can you please click this for me..?

Answer this article explains what actually is.…

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Girl and guys please click on this!?

This hurts so bad,I need your help,please click........?

yeah, put some ice on it and it will definitley make it feel better.i've had that happen to me before, and i agree, it hurts like f*ck.hope you feel better! =]

Is this a true story, please do not click the following if you find sexual content offensive?

This is very much true. It is called an air embolism and we just had a friend die of one. My friend was giving birth to her daughter and a piece of the childs hair punctured her vagina lining send... Read More »

Please help in microsoft excel, when i click a hyperlinked cell, i get a messag this operation has been cance?

Usually anytime a "canceled due to restriction" type message comes up, especially if it tells you to contact a "system administrator", then that is because there are some controls in place to preve... Read More »