Can someone please call me?

Answer I have mine on Vibrate too and I hope someone answers you soon.That chick who told you to get a life needs to get laid.

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Scary phone call please answer?


I am sure he is kidding. Just to scare you because the police can't do much about it. Just stop and he will forget about it. I have been told that once and they never did.

Please help!.......i got a call to my cell from a number 666?

That's creepy! Are you sure there were only three digits and it was a call? That doesn't sound right. I know there are phone numbers with those digits in the exchange, but the area code and the ... Read More »

Please dont call me insane but this is important!?

Honestly, if you can't move your thumb, I'm worried about nerve damage. You need to get a third opinion, I know you don't want to hear this. Research a good orthopedic specialist in your area and r... Read More »