Can you play your own Wii game in someone's else machine?

Answer Games for the Nintendo Wii come in two forms: game discs and Virtual Console games. Game discs can be removed from the Wii and played on another Wii console (although saved game information will no... Read More »

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How Do you Make a YouTube Account without using a phone or someones else phone?

I will make you an acc, how can I contact you ? You have to tell me what name/last name you want or so...

Is it safe to let your child play in the washing machine when it's running?

NO, it is not!! Children should not play with, around or on any household appliance, especially when they are running. You might think it is OK to wash a child in an open washing machine, but that ... Read More »

How to Ask Your Parents if You Can Play a Game?

If you had your way you would be playing games on the computer most of the day. When you come home from school, all you want to do is run to the computer, and play a game. Of course your parents ar... Read More »

Anyone else out there have a Keurig coffee machine?

Its actually really simple, fill a tall glass with ice and brew your Kcup directly over the ice. Use the lowest water setting to prevent overflow (I have learned that the hard way). There are sev... Read More »