Can you play the Coby portable DVD player even when it is plugged in?

Answer go the'll fin BD-movies there....

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Would you really be able to see a clear difference between a portable dvd player and a portable blu ray player?

You won't see any significant difference (The screen is too small to show differences due to the higher resolution of Blu-ray (and the BD player screen may not even be higher resolution than the DV... Read More »

Is leaving my macbook plugged, even when it's full, a bad thing?

Well it depends on how you look at it.If you look at it, as if it is not helping then its bad, then yes its bad to do so.The battery should be at 40-70% charged at all times (for optimal conditions... Read More »

Will a portable DVD player play blue ray DVD?

There are many brands to blue ray...phillips, sony, memorex..but they are expensive...I think about 13 dollars a blank disk...

Why can speakers be heard even when ear buds are plugged into 5th gen iPod nano?

Yes you can! With any kind of headphones. But it won't if the hole isn't big enough for it.