Can you play pal format movies on a pc?

Answer It is possible to play PAL DVDs on a computer from a region that does not support PAL movies. You will have to convert the PAL disk into an NTSC format first, using converter technology, such as th... Read More »

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Can we play movies who's file format is blu ray on pc?

What format to movies have to be in to play on a DVD player?

First of all what type of format is your television? Is it 4:3 [or pan scan] or 16:9 or [widescreen], pan scan is the picture that fills the entire television, but chopping from both sides of the ... Read More »

Why do my 1080p movies play in letterbox format on HD TV?

The widescreen standard for Films is not the same as the widescreen standard for Televisions.For example, some movies have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1Letterbox viewing is required in order to retain ... Read More »

Can a pal format tv play hd video recorded on ntsc format DVD?

You will need a decoder, is the easiest answer; NTSC is mainly in the US / Canada, while PAL is in Europe and many other countries. Both are analog systems.