Can you play oven break on your android No?

Answer short answer: No Long answer: Because of the overwhelming growth of the Android platform in number of devices, apps and supported products, the iPhone and apple have been slow to react. in this s... Read More »

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Can can Leader 7 Impression Tablet with Android 2.2 OS play android apps?

Yes, I've had mine for a week and it works great. It runs every android app except those that use Google voice. I've used it with several Android markets with on problem,

What is oven break called on a droid phone?

Oven break is game made for iphone and android phones.

Can you jail break an android?

yes you can. But on android its called "rooting" so if you want to root your android phone you can just go on Google and search how to root android *what ever your firm wear is* and it should come ... Read More »

Can you play android 2.1 games on android 2.2?

no. as i have a 2.2 android phone, its very hard to find games for it. The 2.2 android will not be able to support that type of game