Can you play music on from your ipod on your ps2?

Answer yes

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How can i play music on my ipod?

getta outta disk menu a couple o times, then, as said to susinctly by everyone here, press play.can you help wit my q?…

Do you need an MP3 to play music on an iPod?

IPod portable music players support a variety of music file formats. While mp3s are supported by the iPod, your music does not have to be this type of file. In addition to mp3 files, the iPod plays... Read More »

Can my iPod play music without headphones?

All VR3 car audio products (speakers, amplifiers and other devices) are made by Sony. These are made in the same factory that makes the Xplod series of car audio products. They are simply re-brande... Read More »

How can you fix your iPod if it still works but won't let you play the music?

you hold the middle button down first, then you hold down the MENU button so they are both held down together. if you hold it down long enough, you will see that it will restart the whole iPod. But... Read More »