Can you play movies on ipod nano 8gb 4th generation?

Answer yes

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Can a second-generation iPod Nano play videos?

The second-generation iPod Nano does not support video playback. However, users can sync and view photos on the device. The Nano did not begin supporting video playback until the third generation.S... Read More »

Can you play movies on a 2nd generation iPod?

Whether or not you can play movies on a second generation iPod depends on the type of iPod you have. The iPod Touch second generation models can play streaming movies or movies on iTunes. The iPod... Read More »

Can my 8 GB iPod Nano play movies?

Not every 8 GB iPod can play movies. Generations one and two of the iPod Nano, identifiable by their slender shape and tiny screens, did not have the ability to play movies. However, third generati... Read More »

Can you trade in the ipod nano 8g 4th generation for the new ipod nano with video?