Can you play burned games on the Xbox 360?

Answer You can play burned games on your Xbox 360, but it requires "modding" (modifying) your console by adding special software such asXtreme firmware for TS-H943 Xbox 360. However, this will void your w... Read More »

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Can I play Xbox games on Xbox 360 without a memory card?

To play original Xbox games on the Xbox 360, a system update must be downloaded from the Internet. To save this update, the 360 system must be equipped with a hard drive, but a memory card is not r... Read More »

Can you play burned games on the Wii?

The Nintendo Wii will not play burned games. The system can only read and play official Wii and GameCube software. Other types of discs that the Wii cannot play are audio CDs and DVD movies.Referen... Read More »

How to Update an XBox 360 to Play Original XBox Games?

The Xbox 360, Microsoft's latest gaming console, offers high-definition playback, Xbox LIVE and hundreds of games in an eclectic library. Even with all of the new features, gamers can still go back... Read More »

What Xbox games can the Xbox 360 Arcade play?

Original Xbox titles require a hard drive to play, and have been this way since the Xbox 360 first came out. An original Xbox game will not work, because the operating system is different. Therefor... Read More »