Can you play blue ray DVD on regular television?

Answer Yes, but you can't play a blue ray disk in a regular DVD player. It won't look much improved if the television is bad.

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What can you do if you play regular DVD's in your blue ray player and your blue ray player wont' play blue ray DVD's anymore?

Dumbo Blu-Ray/DVD combo should be released in the United States by May or June 2011.

Can you play regular TV on an HD 1080p television?

You can watch regular TV channels with an HDTV. Generally, the quality of the program will be significantly lower than if you watched the channel in high definition. You will also have black bars o... Read More »

Can a blue ray DVD player play a regular DVD and a blue ray DVD?

No it cannot. Dvd are a different format than a blue ray DVD

Will a regular DVD play on a blue ray?