Can you play blu ray discs on a regular DVD player?

Answer No. Blu-Ray discs will only work on Blu-Ray players, but DVDs can be played on a Blu-Ray player thanks to the backwards compatibility feature

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Do Mini DVD Camcorder Discs Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Most regular DVD players aren't able to play mini DVDs, and they recognize them as audio CDs or other format types. found that only approximately 175 standard DVD players out of 490 w... Read More »

Will Blue ray discs work on a regular DVD player?

Nope, Blu ray is a different format for DVDs. Ordinary DVDs doesn't support HD but Blu-ray and HD DVD both do but you can't play a Blu ray to an HD DVD player and vice versa.

Can you play 2d discs on a 3d blu ray player?

The PS3 was designed for HDTVs and only works on a standard 480i TV. It does not give you the performance of the PS3 on a HDTV with 1080p and now the top 3D HDTVs offer the best video capability. T... Read More »

Can you play Blu-Ray discs on a DVD player?

A Blu-Ray disc will not work in a DVD player. The reason it won't work is the difference in hardware. A DVD player uses a red laser to read data from a disc, while a Blu-Ray disc requires the blue-... Read More »