Can you play an hd-dvd on a standard dvd player, and if so, are there any video anomalies when u play one?

Answer There are disk out there that have DVD on one side and H DVD on the other, but these are few in number. But that just means the disk has both formats on it.And just to the poster above not all DVDs... Read More »

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Can you play a standard DVD on a blu-ray player?

Blu-ray discs can store much more data than standard DVDs - 50GB compared to 4.7 GB. This means Blu-ray can store movies with higher resolution video and audio. If you have an HDTV and the right t... Read More »

Can you play a standard DVD in a blu-ray player?

No,very much alive;he merely retired from Moodies.Has gout I believe.He suffered from health problems for a number of years and found managing it difficult while on tour (the band have an extensive... Read More »

Can a standard DVD play on a blu-ray player?

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Can 3 D Blu-ray play on standard Blu-ray player?

Yes it can but u need a 3D tv to watch it in 3D