Can you play a blu ray DVD in a regular DVD player?

Answer No the PS3 games are on Blu-ray disc and if it did not have a blu-ray player it could not play the games except as downloads from the PlayStation network. In any case it is not sold without the Blu... Read More »

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How to Record a Windows Media Player Movie on a DVD to Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Windows Media Player movies are video files in the specific format encoded for playback in the Windows Media Player program. If you want to watch the movies on your TV with a regular DVD player, yo... Read More »

What if your blu ray player will play regular DVD but nor blu ray?

Just as a player like the PS3 has the capability to play the DVDs and Cds along with the Blue Ray discs and a DVD writer can also write Cds

Can you play a blu-ray dvd on a regular dvd player?

No, Blue-Ray is the new DVD player that has come out and has its own set of Blue-ray DVDs that can only be played on its DVD player.

Can a hd DVD play on a regular DVD player?