Can you play a VHS movie on a DVD player?

Answer You can't play a VHS movie on a DVD player because they're completely different video formats: VHS tapes are film, while DVDs are an optical storage medium read by a laser. You can, however, purcha... Read More »

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How to Record a Windows Media Player Movie on a DVD to Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Windows Media Player movies are video files in the specific format encoded for playback in the Windows Media Player program. If you want to watch the movies on your TV with a regular DVD player, yo... Read More »

Do you need a blu ray disc to play a blu ray movie on a blu ray player?

You can play a normal DVD on blu-ray playerBut CAN'T play a blu-ray disk on normal DVD player.However, blu-ray disks work better on blu-ray than normal DVD's .

Is it possible to burn a movie to a CDR and play it on a DVD Player?

You can use a program to make a "Video CD", which is a regular CD-R with video on it in mpeg1 format. These will play in most DVD players. I used Sonic MyDVD, which came with my computer, to create... Read More »

Will a blu ray movie play in a regular DVD player?