Can you play a Japanese DVD on a British DVD player?

Answer no

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Does a standared American Blu Ray player play British DVD's or Blu Rays?

No.DVD's have region codes so that Hollywood can control distribution to different markets. The region codes on BluRays are finer-grained so they are actually more restrictive.There IS a undergrou... Read More »

How to Convert Japanese Yen to British Pound?

It's no trouble in Japan to convert Japanese Yen to British Pound Sterling. First, choose where you want to do the conversion (airport, bank, post office or hotel), let the staff know your intentio... Read More »

How to Record a Windows Media Player Movie on a DVD to Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Windows Media Player movies are video files in the specific format encoded for playback in the Windows Media Player program. If you want to watch the movies on your TV with a regular DVD player, yo... Read More »

Put visualization same as windows media player or similiar on cd to play on DVD player?… Try this website.