Can you play Xbox Live with dial-up Internet?

Answer According to Microsoft, you can not play XBox Live unless you have a broadband Internet service, such as DSL or cable (but not satellite). Additionally, not all DSL or cable providers are supported... Read More »

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Can you play Xbox 360 live with dial-up Internet?

No, Xbox Live requires a broadband Internet connection. Dial-up Internet connections are unable to support the bandwidth needed for Xbox Live multi-player games, Xbox 360 updates and other Xbox Liv... Read More »

Can dial up Internet be used for Xbox Live?

You cannot use a dial-up Internet connection to access Xbox Live. Xbox Live requres a high-speed wired or Wi-Fi connection, such as cable broadband, DSL or fiber-optic cables in order to access the... Read More »

How to Play XBox Live Games With Dial Up?

A dial-up connection limits your capabilities on the Internet. Most sites, applications, devices and video games are designed with broadband in mind. In fact, game consoles such as the Xbox 360 do ... Read More »

Can you play XBox live with a satellite Internet connection?

You can play XBox Live with any high-speed Internet connection, such as a broadband, wireless, or satellite connection. A satellite dish can also be used to establish a broadband connection.Source:... Read More »