Can you play Wii games and PS2 games in a Sony PSP?

Answer Although all of these systems use CDs to store information, none of them are of the same format-- they cannot be used together. The PS2 and Wii both use full-sized CDs with company-specific formats... Read More »

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Can you play Wii games& PS2 games in a Sony PSP?

All models of the Sony PSP are incapable of playing PlayStation 2 or Nintendo Wii game discs. PSP models 1000 through 3000 support UMD (Universal Media Disc) format, while the PSPgo lacks a disc dr... Read More »

I downloaded iTunes 9 onto your new computer and now my iPod wont play songs or games the games show up as a blank white screen and the songs will flash briefly what is wrong with it?

What size Sony PS3 system plays PS2 games?

The 20GB, 60GB and the 80GB PlayStation 3 with the model number CECHE01 are backwards compatible with games that were originally developed for the PlayStation 2. The last PlayStation 3 to be backwa... Read More »

How to Download Free Games to the Sony Ericsson Phone?

Mobile phones today can provide many entertainment options. Aside from being able to listen to music, watch movies and surf the Internet on your mobile phone, you can also download games from the I... Read More »