Can you play PS2 games on a PS3 system?

Answer You can play PlayStation 2 games on select, older PlayStation 3 systems. The original 20 gigabyte, 60 gigabyte and 80 gigabyte PlayStation 3 systems can play most PlayStation 2 games, but the newer... Read More »

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How good is this system to play games like skyrim and assassins creed 3is this a good gaming system?

It might run AS3 and Skyrim on the lowest settings possible. That video card is absolute crap. Agree get at least a HD 7770 or GTX 650. My suggestion is to go for the 660ti if possible

Can you play PS3 games on a PS1 system?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on an original PlayStation. The original PlayStation is a much older console, and the games feature entirely different formatting. The PlayStation can only play... Read More »

How to Play PC Games Under System Requirements?

System requirements are the general system specifications recommended by the manufacturer of a computer game to ensure that the game runs with sufficient aptitude on your computer. There is nothing... Read More »

Can you play Xbox 360 games on a Wii system?

No, you cannot play Xbox 360 games on the Nintendo Wii console. Only official Nintendo Wii games or Nintendo GameCube games will play on the Nintendo Wii console. You may find certain multi-platfor... Read More »