Can you play PC Games on a Plasma HD 50 inch tv ?

Answer use the plasma tv becuz thats what i use to play my games on

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If I play my xbox 360 one a pannasonic 50 inch plasma tv will it ruin it?

No, burn in is not an issue on new plasma's. - 17R3W

Is it ok to play video games on your new plasma tv.?

sure. we do it all the time. We will hook the laptop to ours and play - love having a "big" monitor. But many of the gaming systems are geared for the newer tvs.

Can you play video games on a plasma or a lcd tv?

Video games can be played on any television with a compatible input. However, if they are played on a plasma TV, there is a small risk of plasma burn. The effect is caused by static images being sh... Read More »

Can you play videos games with a LG Plasma 42PC5D?

hey it will work just make sure you dont pause your games or you will burn it into the tv for gaming i recomend lcd way better picture for gaming