Can you play MP3's stored on an SD card in a DVD player?

Answer I would think soyou might have to tell it what to do with the remoteit probably is the same as if you insered a CD full of MP3 songs

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Why won't Windows Media Player play my MP3s?

download codec for it which support MP3s. Its all about codec because it is the thing responsible for playing different music/video formats in your players. try downloading the latest windows medi... Read More »

How to Put MP3s on Your MP3 Player?

You can listen to music on your MP3 player in a matter of minutes!

How Do I Burn MP3s With Windows Media Player 11?

Burn MP3 Files to CDInsert a blank recordable CD into the disc drive and launch Windows Media Player. Click on the "Burn" tab and select "Audio CD" from the drop-down menu. An empty "Burn List" pan... Read More »

Does windows media player 11 convert wma files to mp3s?

Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 does not have the utilities necessary for converting WMA files to MP3 files and vice versa. Microsoft Windows Media Center does have the ability to convert WMA fi... Read More »