Can you play Japanese Blu-Ray or DVD movies on a US PS3?

Answer For DVD's, you can not play Japanese DVD's on a US PS3, the US uses Region 1 while Japan uses Region 2, if you find a Japanese movie on a Region 0 DVD, Region 0 is universal and can be played all o... Read More »

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How Can I Modify My PS2 to Play Japanese Games?

Unlike the Sony PS3, the PS2 will only play games within your region. For instance, if you own a North American PS2, you cannot play Japanese games. But you can easily bypass the lockout with HDLoa... Read More »

How to Play Japanese Games on an American PSP?

The Sony PSP is Sony's portable addition to its PlayStation family of video game consoles. The machine allows gamers to access hundreds of games developed for the system on the go, enabling play of... Read More »

How Can I Play a Japanese PS3 Game on My American PS3?

The Playstation 3, launched in 2006, has many different features. In addition to games, it also plays Blu-ray discs, music CDs and has online capabilities. What some may not realize, however, is th... Read More »

Can you play a Japanese DVD on a British DVD player?