Can you play GameCube on a Wii?

Answer On One Hand: The Wii Lets YouYou can play GameCube games using your Wii console. The Wii is backwards compatible with the GameCube; this means that all GameCube games work perfectly on your Wii sys... Read More »

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Can I play NES games on a GameCube?

NES, or Nintendo Entertainment System, games are only playable on the original Nintendo system that debuted in 1985. They are a cartridge game, while the Nintendo GameCube, released in 2001, uses g... Read More »

Can I play PS2 games on a GameCube?

You can not play PlayStation 2 games on a Nintendo GameCube. The PlayStation 2 is made by Sony, while the GameCube is made by Nintendo, and the two consoles use entirely different formats. The Play... Read More »

How to Play Gamecube Games on Wii?

A Wii with a GameCube controller and memory cardWhen Nintendo made the Wii, they added in backwards compatibility, meaning it doesn't just play Wii games, it plays games from an older system also, ... Read More »

Can you play Nintendo Wii games on a Gamecube?

The Nintendo Gamecube cannot play Wii games. The Gamecube was released in 2001, and does not contain the same hardware as the Wii. The Wii, however, does have the ability to play Gamecube games.Ref... Read More »