Can you plant spring and summer bulbs together?

Answer Yes. Spring and summer bulbs can be planted together in a technique that supplies color all season long. When planting, place the larger bulbs below the smaller ones. For example place a layer of g... Read More »

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How do I plant bulbs in spring for summer flowers?

PreparationTill the bulb gardening bed 6 inches deep. Spread 4 inches of organically enriched potting soil over the bed. Sprinkle bulb-booster starter fertilizer over the bed. Till the area again t... Read More »

What spring/summer flower bulbs are hardy and can be left in the ground?

I've got Tulips. They were planted sometime before I bought the house and every spring they spring up. It's been seven seasons now. And they've never been dug up. And we get snow in the winters... Read More »

When do you plant spring bulbs?

Do not plant spring bulbs until the cool weather has become permanent for the winter with the daytime temperatures at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, according to the Master Gardeners. It is... Read More »

When should I plant spring bulbs?

On One Hand: Southern StatesThe schedule for planting spring bulbs depends on where you live and your climate, but you should never plant spring bulbs before the last frost date. In general, Southe... Read More »