Can you plant old garlic bulbs?

Answer Garlic bulbs can be planted in a home garden, but buy them from a commercial supplier or local farmer's market, because garlic from the grocery store is often treated to prevent sprouting. Bulbs sh... Read More »

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Does garlic powder have the same anti-viral effects as garlic bulbs?

On One Hand: Fresh, Crushed Garlic Offers Full BenefitsPeople hoping to fight infections with garlic may have to stick with fresh, crushed garlic. Health writer Jennifer Garfinkel explains that gar... Read More »

Can garlic bulbs be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze unpeeled garlic bulbs. When you're ready to use the bulbs, break off the cloves you need and put the remainder back in the freezer. There are other ways, as well, to freeze garl... Read More »

Can I Grow Garlic with the Bulbs I Bought at the Grocery?

Garlic does not produce seeds. To grow this vegetable, you plant individual garlic cloves. Although grocery-store garlic cloves may sprout when planted, Fine Gardening suggests that you will do bet... Read More »

Do garlic bulbs in a house attract moths?

Garlic bulbs will control and detract moths and other insects both indoors and out, not attract them. Garlic plants and bulbs are extremely effective in keeping unwanted pests from plants and prote... Read More »