Can you plant grass seed in the winter?

Answer Planting grass seed after mid-October is not recommended. In many parts of the United States, heavy frost begins to occur on a regular basis around this time and grass planted in severe cold is not... Read More »

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How do i plant fescue grass seed in late winter?

PreparePrepare the site for grass. Wait until the ground has thawed, if you can, for better growing success. Fescue is a cold-tolerant grass, so it doesn't need hot temperatures to grow. Rake the s... Read More »

How to Sow Grass Seed in the Winter?

Sowing grass seed in the spring has merit, but sowing in the winter has its advantages, too. Freezing temperatures will loosen soil for you, so that you don't have to till as you would in the sprin... Read More »

How do i plant old grass seed?

Test Before PlantingTest the seeds by counting out 100 and scattering them in potting soil in an empty container. Place the container in a sunny window and keep the seeds moist. When the grass come... Read More »

How to Plant Sod or Grass Seed?

Grass grows relatively easily in a variety of climates. Some varieties of grass make nice decorations, some make great lawns and some turf grasses can withstand sporting events. A few simple steps,... Read More »