Can you plant flower bulbs in pots inside or do they have to go in the ground?

Answer Planting Flower Bulbs in Pots InsideSummer bulbs can be planted inside. Bulbs are planted in the fall, placed in small pots, and covered with tin foil to block the light. Place them in the refriger... Read More »

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How to Plant Tomatoes in Flower Pots?

Tomatoes don’t have to be planted in the ground. You can plant tomatoes in flower pots and still get a big enough fruit yield to provide tomatoes for yourself and others in your home. One advanta... Read More »

How do I clean flower plant pots?

Discard any soil in the flower pot to prevent the new flowers from developing problems as a result of disease organisms that may be present in the old soil.Sterilize the flower pots with a solution... Read More »

How to Plant Eggplants in Flower Pots?

Eggplant, a distant relative of tomatoes and peppers in the Solinaceae family, originated in India and worked its way across the globe over several centuries. This warm-weather crop grows in a vari... Read More »

What spring/summer flower bulbs are hardy and can be left in the ground?

I've got Tulips. They were planted sometime before I bought the house and every spring they spring up. It's been seven seasons now. And they've never been dug up. And we get snow in the winters... Read More »