Can you plant a sweet potato?

Answer On One Hand: You May Plant a Sweet PotatoA sweet potato plant can be grown from a single sweet potato. First, sprout it in a jar of water, holding the top third of the sweet potato out of the jar ... Read More »

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Difference Between Sweet Potato Slips & Sweet Potato Plant?

The main difference between sweet potato slips and plants is timing. Sweet potatoes are propagated using sprouts --- or slips --- that grow out of existing sweet potatoes. When the slips are a few ... Read More »

How Deep to Plant a Sweet Potato?

Sweet potatoes are grown from slips--also known as transplants or cuttings--from seed stock. Commercial producers purchase seed potatoes and cut their own slips. Does this Spark an ... Read More »

How do I root a sweet potato plant?

Getting StartedFill a glass jar with water. Poke three or four toothpicks into the sweet potato so that the toothpicks look like spokes. Place the sweet potato in the water with the toothpicks rest... Read More »

Japanese sweet potato vs regular sweet potato with orange flesh?

According to an article on, Japanese sweet potatoes and "American" sweet potatoes are similar, with Japanese sweet potatoes tasting sweeter. I found several articles that talk about... Read More »