Can you pitch& then catch in Little League baseball?

Answer When a pitcher is replaced in a Little League baseball game, the rules allow him to stay in the game and play any other position, including catcher. He is not allowed to return as pitcher later in ... Read More »

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Is the diameter&weight of a little league baseball the same as a major league baseball?

The diameter and weight of the baseballs are the same in Little League and the big leagues. Differences may occur in the stitching of the baseball, with Little League baseball stitching being sligh... Read More »

How to Sew a Little League Baseball Patch?

Little League can be a great activity for boys and girls who are interested in baseball from the ages of 8 to 12. Not only do they get to practice and play real games, but they also get to wear a u... Read More »

How to Steal in Little League Baseball?

Stealing is an important element of strategy in baseball. It is a way to get into good scoring position, and will avoid the potential for double plays. In Little League, there are some rules and re... Read More »

How big is a little league baseball field?

The outfield fence of a little league field should be 180 feet from home plate. More importantly, each base should be 60 feet from one another, and the pitcher's mound should be 46 feet from home.... Read More »