Can you pick wild mushrooms in Michigan without a permit?

Answer You may pick wild mushrooms, known as morels, on your own property for your personal consumption without a permit in the state of Michigan. Michigan's Huron-Manistee National Forests, a popular are... Read More »

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How to Pick Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms?

A freshly harvested California Chanterelle.One of nature's finest delicacies can be found in your nearby woods or forest; the wild, edible mushroom. To purchase many species of these fungi in the g... Read More »

Is no permit required for morel mushrooms in montana?

A harvester needs a permit to harvest morel mushrooms at national parks in Montana. Personal and commercial licenses are both available. Personal licenses are free, while the cost of commercial use... Read More »

How to Dry Wild Morel Mushrooms?

Morel mushrooms grow in the forests between early April and June, depending on the geographic location. Morels can be found alone or in clumps and in many colors, including browns, black, grays and... Read More »

How do mushrooms grow in the wild?

Mushrooms are produced by fungi and can grow almost anywhere. Different mushrooms grow on different material and must have the proper moisture and temperature conditions to develop. Some grow only ... Read More »