Can you pick up your child having a TRO issued?

Answer Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".

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Is a new birth certificate issued when your new spouse adopts your child?

If a father had custody of a child for 7 years mother took the child and was awarded custody father is now issued a warrent and back pay is that legal?

Answer Yes.Physical custody does not constitute sole legal custody, in which one parent has been given the legal authority to make all decisions concerning a minor child, including change of resid... Read More »

When you invite a child to spend the night whose responsibility is it to bring and pick up the child from your home?

you need to be 9 or older says the law book and the 14 year old law is bull crap they got rid of it last year

Can another adult pick up my child from the police station if they are not the child's parent?

If the parent is busy with something else the child can call a friend or relatives to come and pick them up. the child can also call and older sister or brother, older cousin's, uncles or aunt, gra... Read More »