Can you pick up your child having a TRO issued?

Answer Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".

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Is a new birth certificate issued when your new spouse adopts your child?

When you invite a child to spend the night whose responsibility is it to bring and pick up the child from your home?

you need to be 9 or older says the law book and the 14 year old law is bull crap they got rid of it last year

Can you get custody of your child if your spouse is having an affair?

This is difficult to answer because the main deciding factor is the judge in the case. If the spouse is a good parent (I realize many of us don't consider a cheating partner being a good parent tho... Read More »

Can you still pick up your other small child when you are pregnant?

Answer You can do whatever is comfortable to you. You should still be able to pick up children while pregnant. Towards the end it may be difficult or even impossible with your belly sticking out,... Read More »